Gioielleria SAn Benedetto - Nazzarena Lucidi “Jewel is my language. I leave to each jewel speeches about emotions and the magic charme moment that can be repeated” N. L.

My vocabulary :

lightness :   little joke to Perseo……..I stole his wings !
fun  :    scarabOcchio
discovery :   rummaging in the tool drawer , like a child
colors :   Sissi says the rainbow colours aren’t enought *_*
beauty :   if you can chose, why don’t chose it everyday ?
asymmetry :   not at all a misunderstanding rather harmony with creativity ;)
passion :   IN&OUT ….(side)
symbols :   what ever would my gentle sturdy square say if I put it hanging
in the balance on top of a sharp turbulent triangle?
irony : nothing more intelligent ….I wish I had  a little !
charme : Like in an old film: Audrey, you and me ^_^
authenticity  : born in Italy

Graduated from IED, Jewellery design of Rome, in 1989, She opened her atelier in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, a magnificent sea town. She work proceeding from thought to jewellery and its stones design, to the selections of these stones, to the 3D prototype, to the bench techniques, following every step personally .
Having invested the last 25 year in building solid relationship with people, I could claim I have developed a special sense for
bringing out what one desires and dreams of with a unique style that brings reveries to life